Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nadi Vidyam

Nadipathy is an ancient treatment method, the disease can be diagnosed through (Nerve Inspection) Nadi pariksha. In ancient Indian traditional treatment when the physical body became (dis-ease)  ill, they used to treat the subtle         (astral) body. By treating the subtle body we can make physical body healthy.  Subtle body made up of 2, 72,000 Nadis, if any one of the Nadi not working properly it multiplies gradually (i.e. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 ...) decreases its energy. By examining them we can cure the diseases of the past, present and future as well.

             When the body becomes weak due to any sudden incident or due to food habits or due to changes in the nature. That reflects gradually in the subtle body and it change as disease on the Physical body. Modern Doctors can recognize diseases only at this stage.
                  In Ancient days curing of a disease means only adjusting function of Nadis only, and no medicine.  In this process the 2, 72,000 Nadis in the subtle body which is related to the 07 Nadis junctions (chakras ) and their cent re's are connected with our palms and soles, if they work well we will be with better health and if they did not work well we will become ill and at that time we have to stimulate Nadis to become well.

When 12 organs are effected in body we can treat with nadi pariksha, nadipariksha allows to balance 5 elements fire, wood, metal, earth, water in the body. It also balance three doshas in the body like vata, pita, kapha. In body we at Nadipathy cure this all dosha and six conditions heat, hotness, humidity, dryness, coldness, wind. In the body. We can cure and balance the nadi flow with nadipariksha.
 We do this nadipariksha with empty stomach on early mornings to better diagnose with cure, and we can do other times also.

                  In these days we can prefer Nadi Therapy as an alternative to medicine, so that we can avoid the side effects from medicines.

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